DC Cancer Consortium partners with Keys to Canaan


(June 19, 2013) – DC Cancer Consortium has added a new partner in its DC Goes Pink initiative. Keys to Canaan in Ward 7 will join DCCC’s effort to reduce breast cancer rates in Washington.

Since Ward 7 is one of the areas in DC with extremely high rates of breast cancer, the partnership with Keys to Canaan will allow DCCC to expand its reach and help educate and sign up women for the DC Department of Health’s free Mammogram Reminder System.

DC Goes Pink is an initiative of the DC Cancer Consortium and the DC Department of Health to increase breast cancer awareness and promote a new city-wide Mammogram Reminder System.

DC ranks:

· #1 in breast cancer deaths

· #1 in prostate cancer deaths

· #1 in colorectal cancer deaths among women, 5th among men

Other DC Cancer facts:

· More than 2,740 DC residents were diagnosed with cancer and 1,135 people died from the disease in 2008

· Cancer deaths rates are highest in Wards 5, 7 and 8

· 700+ District residents die from smoking-related illnesses each year

“This partnership further enhances our ability to reach a population with disproportionately high cancer rates and is underserved with education, screening referrals and other resources” says DC Cancer Consortium Executive Director, YaVonne Vaughan.

DCCC’s other partners include The Urban League, Washington Hospital Center, and Zuri Works.

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